Mercato shop visit


We are delighted to share the exciting news of our recent upcountry marketing campaign, where a dedicated group of our employees showcased exceptional efforts to promote our products and services.

The team embarked on a strategic journey to Mercato market Addis Ababa, focusing on expanding our market reach and strengthening our brand presence. Through innovative marketing strategies and engaging promotional activities, they successfully captured the attention of our target audience and left a lasting impact.

The collaborative spirit and commitment displayed by our team members during this campaign were truly commendable. Their efforts not only contributed to increased visibility for our company but also played a pivotal role in achieving our promotional objectives.

We believe that such initiatives are vital for our overall growth, and the success of this upcountry campaign reflects the dedication and professionalism that define our company. As we celebrate this achievement, let's continue to build on the momentum generated and explore new opportunities for expansion and success.

Thank you to all the team members who participated and contributed to the success of this campaign. Your hard work and enthusiasm are truly appreciated.

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