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In Hawassa city, ‘EFOYTA YOUTH VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION’ has organized a fund raising program for the 2014 school year with the motto “NOTEBOOKS, PENS AND PENCILS ARE SO MUCH FOR US”. This fund raising program is conducted for 200 students who need our support to go to school. By donating 2400 pcs of Pens, Buna Pen has played its part and demonstrated its social responsibility.

Members of Hawassa City Efoyta Youth Volunteers Association, we want you to know that for the philanthropic work you are engaged in supporting the needy students with educational materials, help them go to school without destructions and for all your volunteer activities in creating a responsible citizen, Buna Pen is always by your side.

Efoyta Youth Volunteers Association, thank you for the opportunity you have provided us to participate in this charitable program. We wish the students a happy school year.

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