About The Pen Write the Future. About The Pen Proudly Made in Ethiopia for Ethiopians.
About us

The Pens are manufactured in Mojo in a sophisticated factory.

The current production capacity is 17.5 million pens pa and with the delivery of a second and larger set of machinery delivered on the 23rd May the capacity has expanded to 67.5 million pens.

The Pen factory was launched in July 2019. After an intensive period of 9 months of market testing, quality refinements and ironing out all teething problems, Buna Pen is now ready for vigorous penetration of the Ethiopian market.

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Our Mission

Together let's "Write the Future" for all Ethiopians.


Meet our Leadership Team

They guide our company, helping us live our purpose and achieve our vision to lead the future.

Write the future with Buna Pen, proudly made in Ethiopia by Ethiopians.

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Message from Israel Degefa

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Buna Pen website. I am Israel Degefa, Chief Executive Officer.
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